Beginner's Week‏

This is the ideal 5 day intensive jewellery making workshop for beginners and for anyone who wishes to learn stone setting, soldering and many more essential techniques.

This course combines our 2 day 'Introduction to Jewellery Making' course and our 2 day 'Intermediate' course, with the addition of an added day filled with more useful jewellery making techniques.

Students learn a wide range of core techniques and produce jewellery using these skills. We will advise you of the best places to go to buy your tools in the future, and we even have some shops that will give you a discount for being a student with us. You will be able to use this new knowledge in many different ways to create your own designs at home after completing the course.

Teresa Speer holds a BA (hons) in Jewellery and has exhibited both nationally and internationally. A qualified teacher, Teresa has been in the jewellery trade for over a quarter of a century, and has been teaching jewellery making for over 18 years.

Introduction to Jewellery Making

The course is limited to six places to ensure that there is a good student to teacher ratio, however this does mean that places are limited and as such students are advised to book early to ensure a place on the course.

Day 1. You will create a beautiful flower pendant using many different jewellery making techniques. These include piercing (sawing), filing, texturing, shaping/manipulating the metal and soldering. After polishing you have a lovely floral pendant to be proud of.

Day 2. You create a your own sterling silver ring, which you set with a stone. This will teach you the full process of forming and soldering a ring shank, correctly sized, and soldered. You will also create your own setting, which you will solder to your ring before you give a final polish and then set a stone of your choice.

Day 3. This part of the course is designed to teach you to become extremely good at soldering. Using three different thicknesses of wires we are going to produce a strip, soldering everywhere that two wires cross. How complicated you make your strip will determine how many solder joints you make. So we can say from 50 to 200 solder joints or somewhere in between, which will dramatically hone your soldering skills.

Day 4. Now the fun part, we turn our soldered strip into wonderful pieces of jewellery. It is up to you to decide what pieces of jewellery you would like to make from your strip. Cuff or bracelet, ring, pendants, earrings are all possible. After completion of your pieces of wonderful jewellery it is then possible to add some colour with a few useful beading with wire techniques.

Day 5. You are given the opportunity to use your newly acquired skills to develop your pieces further. You then design and create a cut out brooch. This yet again adds to the wonderful techniques already learnt. It also allows you to further develop the many techniques learnt during this week.

Skills you will learn

Working with Sterling Silver

Working with Gilding Metal

Techniques for creating many different types of jewellery

Silver soldering to a high standard

Stone Setting

Decorative beading

Shaping the metals

Piercing (sawing)



Working with wire

Annealing (softening metal)


Jewellery you will create

A beautiful Gilding Metal floral pendant, soldered, shaped and textured

A Sterling Silver stone set ring, set by you with a stone of your choice

You will manipulate and solder silver wire into pleasing forms.

You are then given the freedom to transform your silver into whatever beautiful jewellery you desire.

Popular choices include:






Materials costs

The only materials cost will be for the silver used, which will be weighed and calculated accordingly.

You are welcome to use gilding metal instead, which is provided free of charge.

Introduction to Jewellery Making Materials
Introduction to Jewellery Making Materials
Introduction to Jewellery Making Materials
Introduction to Jewellery Making Materials
Introduction to Jewellery Making Materials
Introduction to Jewellery Making Materials
Introduction to Jewellery Making Materials
Introduction to Jewellery Making Materials