Enamelling Course

Enamelling allows you to add colour to jewellery, with a beautiful glass-like finish.

A fun course, suitable for everyone from complete beginners to experienced jewellers.

Students will enamel between 5 to 9 pieces, depending on the individual, and will come away with a thorough understanding of all the different types of enamelling methods used in jewellery making.

The enamelling process can be applied to all precious metals such as Copper, Silver and Gold jewellery making techniques, opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities for jewellery makers.

Teresa Speer holds a BA (hons) in Jewellery. A qualified teacher, Teresa has been in the jewellery trade for over a quarter of a century, and has been teaching jewellery making for over 18 years.

Enamelling Course

The course is limited to six places to ensure that there is a good student to teacher ratio, however this does mean that places are limited and as such students are advised to book early to ensure a place on the course.

Day 1.

During the first day of the course you will:

Prepare the enamels by grinding the powders.

Create a wet lay enamel, which allows you to test the colours you have chosen.

Create enamire wires for cloisonné work.

Create cloisonné pieces.

Prepare copper shim for an added enamelled decorative work.

Day 2.

On the second day you will:

Learn how to use painting enamels

Produce a beautiful painted enamel piece

Skills you will learn

How to prepare enamels for the enamelling process

Using enamel with doisonne wires

How to wet lay enamels

How to dry fire enamels

How to use and apply painting enamels

Jewellery you will create

Students generally create between five to nine enamelled pieces using a variety of techniques

Materials costs

All the enamelling supplies you will need are provided for £30. This includes cloisonné wires, copper blanks and enamels.

While copper is provided for free, both sterling silver and fine silver are available for purchase, should you prefer.

Enamelling Course
Enamelling Course
Enamelling Course