Engraving Course

Learn to engrave beautiful designs onto metal by hand using this stunning technique, taught by a professional hand engraver with over 40 years experience. Hand engraving is a traditional skill that relatively few people have, which makes it all the more impressive. Engraving can be used to apply stunning decorative effects to jewellery, for the creation of plaques, and can also be integrated into enamelling.

Our lecturer has been a professional engraver for 39 years and is experienced in all types of engraving. He has been teaching engraving for the last 15 years.

Engraving Course

The course is limited to six places to ensure that there is a good student to teacher ratio, however this does mean that places are limited and as such students are advised to book early to ensure a place on the course.

Day 1. You will learn how to correctly hold and control the graver effectively, and practice this through a variety of exercises designed to enhance your development. You will also learn how to sharpen and prepare your gravers

Day 2. You will choose from a large selection of designs, which you will then learn to transfer onto the sheet metal. You will then turn your design into a beautiful engraving.

Skills you will learn

How to engrave silver or copper by hand

How to use engraving tools correctly

How to sharpen a graver for optimal use

How to transfer a design onto metal for the engraving process

You will also be given a demonstration of air engraving using the Graver Max system

Jewellery you will create

You will come away with two plates in your choice of silver or copper, decorated with beautiful designs that you will have hand engraved yourself

Materials costs

The plates used in your choice of copper or silver can be purchased during the course, or you may bring your own pieces if you would prefer.

If you would like to purchase the gravers you will be using, you will be given the option to do so at the end of the course.