In the Studio Jewellery School are delighted to announce that we are, at long last, moving our school to Alicante in Spain. Some of our old students have been aware for some time that this was going to happen and have already said they cannot wait to join us in the sun. So please bear with us while we organise the new courses and dates.

We expect the new course dates to be online and ready to book by the end of January and all those that are on out lists will be informed as soon as we have them. We intend that the first courses will take place in the middle to end of March when the weather will be better for those who do not like it too hot.

All our lecturers have agreed to fly out to Spain to continue teaching their wonderful skills to old and new students, in fact they are looking forward to it.

The courses will be slightly shorter days therefore enabling the possibility of family and friends to also enjoy some of your company should they want to join you. We have already been contacted by a company who are organising trips to bodegas and sightseeing should any students and friends want to join in with other things. Our intension is that all should leave with our usual high standard of skills learnt but also have a wonderful experience.

We won’t be able to offer the accommodation anymore but we have already made contacts in the area with people who will let rooms from 15 euros per night per person and will drive them to and from the school for the courses. We will be looking at more options for students as soon as we can. The closest beach of Guardamar is 15 minutes drive from us and Torrevieja 20 minutes, so if it’s a beach you are looking for it’s not far. Alicante airport is about 20 minutes away, we are located down a quiet country lane but close to villages and towns, nothing too far away.

We are hoping to have the course dates up and ready to book by the end of January with the courses starting middle to end of March.

Thank you all for your kind wishes on our facebook page, we really do appreciate them.

A very happy seasonal greeting to you all and a great New Year.

Fusing With Argentium Silver

Argentium Silver was created with unique advantages over traditional sterling silver, such as firescale elimination, fantastic tarnish resistance and the ability to fuse it without the need for solder. It is now used worldwide.

The lecturer for this course is Teresa Speer, who holds a BA (Hons) in Jewellery. Teresa has been teaching jewellery-making for over 18 years and has been a practitioner in the jewellery trade for over a quarter of a century.

The inventor of Argentium Silver, Peter Johns, frequently joins us on this course. Peter is a master silversmith, Metallurgist and Materials Scientist.

Fusing With Argentium Silver

The course is limited to six places to ensure that there is a good student to teacher ratio, however this does mean that places are limited and as such students are advised to book early to ensure a place on the course.

Day 1. You will work with Argentium Silver to create a charming flower ring from scratch, beginning by creating the flower. You will learn and use a variety of techniques such as fusing, soldering, piercing (sawing), granulating and shaping the metal using a press. You will then create the ring and solder the components together.

Day 2. You will create a beautiful floral necklace in Argentium, learning and using a range of techniques, including: fusing intricate chain links together, using granulation as decoration, doming the silver, soldering and beading.

Skills you will learn

How to utilise the advantages of Argentium Silver

How to fuse Argentium Silver without the need for solder

Piercing (sawing) to cut through the metal

How to granulate the silver to create an attractive effect


Using a press to shape the metal

How to fuse wire around the edge of the silver to form a pleasing border

Jewellery you will create

A beautiful Argentium Silver floral ring, fused and soldered

An attractive floral beaded Argentium Silver necklace, fused and soldered

Materials costs

For £100 Teresa will provide everything you need to create the items on this course, including the Argentium Silver and all the various other components.

Fusing With Argentium Silver‏
Fusing With Argentium Silver
Fusing With Argentium Silver‏