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The tutor Rachel Murgatroyd is an expert in this field of jewellery making. Wire wrapping is one of the oldest jewellery making techniques. Jewellery made using this method has been found in the pyramids and has also been seen in Roman and Celtic jewellery. The jewellery uses wire twisted and interlocked, there is no soldering or gluing. The art of wire wrapping requires a minimum amount of tools.

Sample WorkSample Work

For £80.00 Rachel will be providing a pack containing enough materials to make;

  1. A silver and white topaz pendant
  2. A silver bangle
  3. A silver wire wrapped pendant using own stone or one of your choice purchased as an extra from Rachel.
  4. Plus day two course materials.

Pack includes 15 feet of wire, snap set and a white topaz.

Sample Work Sample Work

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Sample WorkSample WorkSample Work

If you have a favourite tumbled or cut gem stone that you would like to set please, bring this along. Stones will be available to purchase along with suitable wire for the work.

Additional wire will be available to purchase from Rachel should you wish to do so. Rachel has gold fill wire for sale during the course. Due to the recent high price of gold, gold fill can no longer be part of the set materials fee.
Rachel's work may be viewed on her website at

Sample Work Sample Work Sample Work Sample Work


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